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Much like any famous or infamous couch scene, it all started for me when I'd sneak a peak of my brother banging his latest sexual conquest. It would typically be a Friday or Saturday night, after the bars would close, when I'd hear more than one set of footsteps heading up to his loft apartment that was attached to our parents house. After much frenzied bumping and thumping from above, I had become more than curious as to what was going on and once I had figured it all out, I was  well on my way to becoming a connoisseur of hidden porn videos.

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Look up. Look way, way up. At least that was the advice that was given out by a certain individual and somthing that our unsuspecting hidden shower victim should have paid heed too. However, thankfully for us she had never heard that line or was completely oblivious to the fact that you and I we were watching her on hidden camera porn

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Here's one masseuse and probably her unwitting client that had no idea that her sneaky boss had installed a hidden security cam in the ceiling of booth #4. Who knows just how many people the world over have watched these two while our fair maiden here works the kinks out of his aching man muscle? Who cares, so long as we get to watch them doing it! 

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